Cominca in Amami Archipelago National Park

Spend some time relaxing in the beautiful national park.


2021.10.04 – National Park Style Old House is continuing to refrain from operating. The timing of the reopening of the business will be considered based on the infection status of the new coronavirus and the status of coronavirus vaccination.

2021.08.02 – Although it has been decided to extend the declaration of a state of emergency, we would like to continue to refrain from operating our lodging facilities until the new coronavirus is under control. We will consider when to resume operations based on the status of the new coronavirus infection and the status of coronavirus vaccination. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

2021.07.08 – A state of emergency has again been declared for Tokyo and Okinawa Prefecture effective July 12. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we are refraining from operating our inn, but in light of the current situation, we will continue to refrain from operating our inn. We have been considering accepting guests from Amami Oshima and Kagoshima prefectures, but we will make a decision based on the progress of vaccination on the islands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

2020.12.18 – Due to the fact that our lodging facility is operating in a doctor-free village area, we will temporarily suspend operations until we can confirm that the new coronavirus infection is under control. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our guests and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

2020.12.07 – We have obtained a business license.

About Us

National Park Style Cominca, the lodgings in Japan’s National Parks.

Holiday in a beautiful national park...

On March 7, 2017, “Amami Archipelago National Park” was established.

In order to allow as many people as possible to experience the beautiful nature of the untouched Amami Islands National Park, we have built an inn on the secluded island of Yorojima, which is about three hours by car and boat from Amami Oshima Airport. We hope you will spend a slightly different holiday with your family and friends in this exotic space.


Hospitality we offer




washing machine



Delivery of food ingredients

Fishing equipment rental

What we have

There is only a store on the island, so you will basically have to cook your own meals during your stay. Quiet rooms, nature and sea insects, farm animals, goats, cows, slow time, birds chirping, geckos crying.

What we do not have

TV, pajamas, disposable toiletries (hairbrush, shaver, etc.)

check in / check out

Check-in from 16:00 to 19:00 / Check out 12:00

dinner and morning

We do not serve meals at cjcasa aoao. You will be going on shopping with our concierge in Amamioshima.


Please pay by cash.

cancel policy

To cancel your reservation, please contact us at least 7 days before check-in. Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged after that.

100% of room rate if you do not stay
80% of room rate in case of cancellation on the day
60% of room rate in case of cancellation the day before
30% of room rate in case of cancellation 2-6 days prior

Would you like to spend your holidays in Amami Archipelago National Park?

Yoro Island is a small island with a population of about 76 people. The island has three guest houses, one store, one post office, and only one ferry a day to the main island of Amami Oshima. Why don’t you spend a unique holiday with your friends or family in the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Amami Oshima’s southernmost island?

Yoro Island Attraction Video


Please choose from the following plans.
¥8,000/ Night


Price is for one person over 16 years old.

¥30,000 / Night


This is a private plan that can accommodate up to 6 people per night.

4,000 / Night


Prices are for children from 6 years old to under 16 years old.

60,000 / 6 Night

Long term rental

This plan is recommended for long-term stays.


Contact Us

National Park Style Old House is an inn built on the southernmost inhabited island of Amami Oshima. There is only one ferry service per day and only one store, so please enjoy the inconvenience that you cannot usually enjoy.